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yup i vote a honda eu2200i gen set!
and they convert to tri fuel easy!
pm if you need links!

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Needs are well pump (11 amps on startup, 6 running, 240 volt), fridge, and your general house circuits. For context, my normal power bill is 60$ month, every month. LED everything, heat with wood, very electric frugal. The one thing...my laptop(s) will not run on non inverter gene. Period. Will be destroyed. And I need them for work, which includes emergency response support after hours. However, this post isn鈥檛 about why a laptop gets fried on regular generators, that ship has sailed, we鈥檙e not plugging them into non inverter generators. The Wen WEN GN875i 8750-Watt RV and Transfer-Switch-Ready 120V/240V Electric Start Open Frame Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant Looks like it fits the bill maybe? I like the size, I can run all my lights and outlets, some shop tools, well, and fridge and the laptops. My other need is 7 day run time, either during the 3-4 times per year PoCo screw up which usually lasts a week or when I need to deploy to the field and we don鈥檛 have time to get the genny guys to bring their cats. I mean 7 days of up to 16 hours per day, obviously gotta put fuel in it every now and then. Since this is out of my wallet, a Honda鈥檚 is not under consideration. And I could care less how loud it is. Transfer to house panel is a must, sparky can do the interlock install for parts cost only.

I can鈥檛 seem to find anything really 鈥渂ad鈥 about the wen, but you get what you pay for. Is this thing going to brick at 500 hours? My expectations are realistic at the sub 1000$. Generator market so don鈥檛 be shy, if not wen, what else gives that much juice that鈥檚 inverter.
Never had any direct experience with this but price is very good for the size and especially considering its an inverter. If you look on their website they have a great parts list on the engine but doesnt show anything on the alternator so hard to know if this is copper wound and or if it has brushes...those are the 2 things i'd like to know but for that price - unlikely!

But for size and your application:
  • Even if you had a hundred LED lights on you'd only use 1500W...and clearly probably not that many ever on at the same time
  • Fridge 750 Watts
  • Your Pump.call it 2500
Couple three laptops....300 watts.
thats 5000 watts....leaving a little head room for your pump to kick in and out.

And incidentally...if you have propane or access to install a decent size tank...there is a conversion kit for it. Nash Fuels. lowers the power a little but im guessing you'd be food.

Tried to see whats out there for reviews.
Amazon has some good reviews and bad....i try to ignore the non operational reviews...but several people said it wouldn't work out of the box...one other said it leaked gas a few hours after 1st start.
Hard to use amazon as a reference!

There is another post here on this generator...perhaps the author has more detail now since using it more.

Back to price. Northern Tool has a 7500w/6500 watt inverter.....$3200
The honda 7000/5500 inverter is 4500
HF Predator 8750....1200 ( lots of good reviews too )
This for 899....might be worth the risk to try it.

As for the brick......with things i don't trust - i tend to buy on a credit card with warranty protection. As an example....if you have a citi costco credit card....you get an additional 2 years warranty on things you buy...even if wasn't bought at costco. There are other cards out there that have warranty benefit. Worth getting a card for these types of purchases.

Personally in my opinion... if you're worried about it.....set it up and literally let it run a couple of weeks...yes it costs a little gas but if its going to have an infantile failure a good hard run in anger should find it.

If you buy it - please post your thoughts after you've had a chance to test it out.


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To close this thread, the replies were helpful, but I got a "really good deal" on a westinghouse from HD, where, even if it last just 100 hours, it was/is worth it. May get the smallest honda they make for the electronics yet though, still undecided on the future of me "working" at home on genny power. DUal fuel, and I have a 250 gal tank full of propane that I now have a use for....
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