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Hi there,
I wonder if you can help. I have just bought a Wilks USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer and made the schoolboy error of putting it on its side. From what I can gather the cylinder has now filled with oil. When I remove the spark Plug the oil spurts out and when I replace it the starter cord doesn’t pull.
Is this something you may be able to help with?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing

From you.

Kind regards

Colin Wilson

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pretty simple fix.
in an area where oil on the building walls is not an issue.
remove the spark plug.
use a suction gun with a small dia hose and suck out the oil from the cyl.
then use green can brake cleaner to clean the cyl and chamber from oil
repeating the suction several times of the mix of trash.

blow dry the cyl with a long small tip air wand.
just tape the trigger and let it spray clean dry air in the top of the engine.

after it is dry drain out the oil and brake clean mix out of the crank case..
make sure to get it all drained out.

use a bit of good marine fogging oil for the top of the cyl lube.
we like the crc brand of fogging oil.

replace the engine oil drain plug
then use your favorite engine oil in the crank case as filled to spec for your engine.
we like 10w/30w here and 5w/30w in the colder temps
synthetic works well for us...
but more important is clean oil!
make sure that the oil is changed when it is dirty.
check the oil every time you fill it with gasoline.....
or if you are on LP or NG check it every 2 days of run time if it is dusty....
or every week of run time at the bare min.
LP and NG burn way cleaner and do not need the oil changed as much as the gasoline for fuel.

and oil magnets work to help keep the trash out of the oil... and saves the bearings.
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