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I run synthetic in my Yamaha MZ300 powering my generator. Given that I change the oil every year (or 50 hours, which hasn't happened in less than a year) I don't think it really matters.

1. Keep enough oil in it.
2. Change it frequently. Even with low hours it will accumulate moisture.
3. Appropriate weight oil for the ambient temp.

Those 3 things are far more important than brand or type of oil you use. Every engine will have a minimum oil rating it needs. Follow that and you should be fine.

I've had to run my generator at 20 degrees F and at 110 degrees. I made sure it had appropriate an appropriate weight oil in both cases.

imo if you use any decent oil, change it when you should, and do other routine maintenance (like valve adjustment), the power head is likely to have a major issue long before engine does.
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