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what have you cut/ tecniques for cutting

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lets se some pice of your saws in action or atleast the tree that you cut down i'll put some up this weekend of the tree i am cutting down lets post our cutting methods here too.

when i cut a tree if its in an open area i just notch it and let it fallwhere i want it, but when the tree is near a house or other building i like to hook a nice long cable and a come-along to the tree to make sure that it goes right where i want it to and doesn't damage any buildings
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Here's acouple I did back in the spring. The first is at my place, it was a "tree of heaven" Ailanthus.That I had to take down, before it took my powerline down.
you can see that it only had about a 2 inches of live growth around two thirds of the circumfrence. I had two cables hooked high, so i had control of the top. the cables ran to snatch blocks placed low in other trees and then hooked-up to "Jezzabelle"(my truck)

the second one is a dead black oak that i did for a customer. It was leaning towards the cabin. i hooked my cable high, then through the snatch block, and to Jezzabelle. This tree was 24" dbh and had lots of "widow makers" hangin. When it started to go, I turned to get out of the way. Whem WHAM right on the ole noggin. I saw stars for acouple seconds. Layed me open pretty good. Its a good thing there ain't much up there to hurt:D sad part is, I had a hard hat in the truck. You can bet your... I'm gonna wear my protective gear from now on.;) Tree Natural landscape Nature Sky Branch

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Here are some tree trimming pictures. The first picture is a "Tree of Heaven" in our front yard. One day I was out on the front porch while the wood burner was going and looked up at the branches overhanging the roof and noticed some of them were smoking. Not good! I went up immediately and trimmed them back with some shears. This tree is probably 40 years old and hollow. There is a split running the length of the main trunk that opens up in the winter. I decided to take some weight off the "house side" so that if it does go, hopefully it'll fall away from the house. It's beautiful tree, but I think it's coming down next year.

The second and third pics are an Olive tree (two acually) that had died. I included the second picture as a nod to Ironmower. I'm not actually standing under the saw, but here is another good reason to wear a hard hat while cutting trees. My buddy's MS-290 Farm Boss did pretty well taking off the big limbs and trunks, but was no match for the main trunk. We hired a tree service (more on that later) and he had a big honkin' saw that made short work of that. (4th pic)

The 5th picture shows some damage we got during a storm on September 1st. (It also took off the north doors of my Morton Building.) That limb is probably 18 inches in diameter. Our house insurance covered 500.00 towards tree damage, so we hired a tree service with a cherry picker to come out and drop the branches. I cleaned up the stuff once it was on the ground with my little MS-180.

Not to hijack this thread, but the 6th picture poses a queston. What do you guys do with the smaller limbs? I cut everything 2" and larger for the wood pile, but the smaller stuff, I put on the burn pile. This pile was the total accumulation of my 2009 trimming season. My wife decided we would "chip it". It got so big that we called a tree sevice to bring one of those big chippers for it, but he said it had sat so long that he thought it would take all day to chip it. I eventually pulled some of the branches off and made a smaller pile, lit it, and fed the larger pile into it. This year, I just burn em as they build up.


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any smaller branches that i have accumulated i just use for a bonfire about once a year but i also toss in a few bigger pieces to keep it going longer since the small stuff burns so quickly.
I have lots of bonfires also. Branches and bark/junk from the splitter go towards that, as does real knotty, buggy and dosey pieces. ;)
I mainly cut grass and shrubs into the correct shape. I have a lot of garden shears and I know how to sharpen them so that they serve you for a long time. This blog has a super useful video on this topic Top 10 Best Grass Shears for Cutting Grass [2019 Review] - Grass Killer, I learned how to sharpen noi from this video.
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