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What brand you have ?

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Craftsman 17" 25cc, dual line, tap&go head, straight shaft, gas trimmer, nothing spectacular or expensive, but it's been a good one and no problems as yet with being in it's second year of use now. So what you guys using ? :).
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my weedeater died on me last year so i'm in the market for a new one. so at the moment my weedeater is a bottle of round-up lol
I'm currently using, an older, straight shaft echo that I dug out of the dump. I brought it home, checked for fire, put a new plug in. The compression felt good. Tried to start but, as I've found before, there was a mud-dobber nest in the exhaust. Cleaned it out, and it fired rite up. I've worked on others that was plugged with carbon.

I also have and keep other brands on hand for parts. It has saved alot senseless trips to town.
Stihl FS55r straight shaft with polycut head.
And a Stihl FS55RC straight shaft with bump head running 0.90dia line. Best running piece of power equipment I own and it was free.
Weedeater. Bought it last summer, should have taken it back. It is a piece of junk. This is the second one I have owned, and will never buy another. It isn't my favorite brand of Power Tools. :(
I bought a craftsman weed eater back in 2003 it has not let me down yet. It has been in storage for the last year at my dads since I moved and we fired it up the other day and took the weeds out of his ditch. It ran fine even after being stored that long.
I've got a Craftsman 79117 split-boom straight shaft that I bought last year. It's got a 33cc full crank engine with plenty of power that starts after 3-4 pulls. I've also got the blower attachment which really comes in handy for cleanup.
Homelite ST-145 from back in the early 90's. Only thing that has given me problems is the fuel suction and return lines rotting on it.
I have a Stihl FS-55-R. Straight shaft with the "TAP-ACTION" auto feed head. I'm at the end of my second season and no problems with it starting or running. It uses .095" line and the first few times I was using it, I spent as much time pulling more line out (because it would break) as I did whacking weeds. I was very frustrated. I tried some of that star shaped line, and it kept breaking too. Then I found this line at Lowes that is amazing. I can't remember the name, but it's grey/silver and has a titanium string running down the middle. It's about 12.00 a roll (I can't remember the length, but I don't care...) Now I only fiddle with the line when it runs out. It lasts about 2 tanks of gas per head loading. I also have their "Poly-Cut" head with the 3 plastic blades. It worked well on the bigger weed shafts, but they seem to wear out/break pretty fast. Overall, once I found that titanium line, I'm very pleased with my whacker! :eek:
i got 2 weedeater brands (AKA El Crapo) but they were free

i also got a mystrey brand that is kickin but needs some small parts to get perfect, its OLD too

im going to look at getting stihl or a echo
2 stroke Ryobi with staight shaft trimmer, pole saw pruner, edger, tiller, blower.

Has been good to me for several years. Love the fact that I can change heads and don't have to have each individually. Easy to store.
We have a Stihl FS-75 weedeater. Bought it new about ten years ago, and it still runs great!
My weedeater Featherlite, I finally took the carb off,again, but this time I used my Dremel and put slots in the adjusting needle ends, so I could adjust the carb. Opened the high speed side almost a whole turn and it runs super. Didn't run this good when it was new. :eek:
Weedeater but would rather use a bottle of Roundup
I'm an Echo man. About 15 years ago or so I bought one of those Mantis tillers at an estate sale. I has an Echo engine and I really liked the way it ran.

Since then I bought a trimmer (12 years old) blower ( around 9-10 years old) and a new hedge trimmer last year all Echo bought new and never a problem with any of them
I have a Mantis Tiller also. Only trouble I have had is the gas lines disintegrated and got some in the carb and took several cleanings to get it all out. Finally got it clean and runs good again!:D
Didn't know that Echo made the motor.
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Go redmax or shindaiwa! Can't beat them . I own a stihl, 2 carburetors later I'm still having problems. It's a fs80r. It has made it's way to just being a blade only trimmer for heavier jobs. - when it's running- got replaced by a redmax I got at a flea market for 35$ .
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