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Weed Trimmer Problems

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I have a Wild Badger WB26BCI that is giving me headaches. It won’t run at full capacity. After it runs for a while it seems to idle just fine but until it gets warmed up and I leave it on half choke for a good bit it bogs down when I give it throttle. Then when it finally gets going it majorly slows down and doesn’t immediately come back to life when I start trimming. I’m pretty sure the carb needs adjusted but it requires tools that I have never seen before. Here are a couple of pictures of the things I need to turn. The first is the high and the second is the low. Would anyone know what kind of tools I need?
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i would do a new carb.
most of the time a new replacement carb is the best way to go.

also check the tank fuel filter.
and fuel lines they need to be tight to the fittings

also compression test the unit.
I’m pretty sure the carb needs adjusted
It may well need adjustment, my feeling is it's needs a good cleaning first as I'll wager it's gummed up abit or has a bit of dirt closing off an orifice or two.
A good cleaning may just be enough to get you back up and running.
Would anyone know what kind of tools I need?
Pictured are the main ones I keep on hand along with a few picks and such as well. You'll first need to remove any caps/plugs to get to the adjustment screw heads.
These adjuster drivers are very inexpensive (under $20) and there are many on amazon.

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Before you go wasting money on parts, like I almost did, you should should try narrowing down the root cause. For example why would the needles suddenly need adjusting? Probably because something is wrong. Like for example with the carb or in my case, the fuel tank cap vent got plugged and was pressurizing the tank. This caused a few problems for me. I'd remove the carb and make sure the innards look good. No debris, no gumming, membranes are flexible with no tears or pin holes. I use no ethanol gas which avoids a lot of gumming up. Also look at the tank. Does it have a vented cap? Make sure air can pass through. How's the fuel filter? Those are pretty cheap to replace. Look at everything.

I did buy one of those tuning tools that sledman posted. These are a must have especially since Homelite factory sent mine so lean it wouldn't barely run. Once you tune a 2-cycle gas engine with these, it really should not need it again if you're only running it in summer like me. And I only usually have to adjust the low needle, the one closest to the engine. High needle is not as critical since I don't run at full throttle much. I used to fly 120cc opposed twin 2-cycle engines in big 110" wing span RC airplanes. Your engine has to be running 100% if you don't want to crash it in a dead stick. :cry:
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