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Weed Eater XT 100 Looking for Manual / Advice

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Have owned Weed Eater XT 100 for over 20 years and it has been good trimmer. Had to have new carb put on it last year and since then it has tendency to want to stall under load. Suspect fuel mixture isn't set right. Mixture screws are actually similar to male torx (instead of std regular slotted or philips screw) so can't change settings until I get correct wrench.

Cannot find a manual for the unit anywhere. Does anyone out there have a manual?
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Is it a walbro or zama carb ? The adjustments are easy to find online if you know your brand and model of the carb . Most walbro that I deal with in my shop are 1 3/4 turns to start , let engine warm up and adjust high & low from there .
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