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*(I attempted to post this 2 days ago but, don't see it posted anywhere so, trying again!*

Greetings All!,

Not sure if correct place to post this since I heard that Poulan bought out "Weed-eater".

I have a Weed-Eater Featherlite extreme FX25. I had stored it 4 years ago after hearing what I would call a "bearing squeak" down by the line spool. I figured I would get to it whenever. The tank was drained and carb emptied prior to storage.

1) I ordered a NEW carb, gaskets, line, filter (kit).
2) I installed same as well as applied new fuel to tank.
3) Installed new fuel lines.

A) I have good spark (used visual tester tool).
B) I have new plug with proper gap.
C) I did replace coil about the same time I took (W.E.) out of service because it was a little difficult to start.
D) There appears to be sufficient compression at plug hole.
E) I have taken the entire housing off of and around the engine and have removed the 1-piece shaft.
F) I have removed the "back cover" and examined the connecting rod and crank to see if any anomalies.
G) I have "played with" the mixture screw to be sure it is not all the way in.
H) I have poured a tiny bit of fuel into the plug hole and "cranked" but, no start.
I) I removed the muffler yesterday (09-02-2k19) in case it was clogged up and that made NO difference.

What should the compression be on this unit?

What could I be overlooking here?.....NOTE, I am in central Florida so, may be a few days before I can get back to this due to eminent hurricane effects in the next 2-3 days..
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