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I inherited my dads pressure washer after he passed. It has a Honda GX200 engine on it and a Cat Pump Model 2SFX30GZI (triplex pump I believe)

Had no gas in it, I cleaned it up, cleaned up the carb and float bowl and put fresh gas in it and changed the engine oil. Pump oil looked good and was right at 50% across the red dot in middle of viewing window.

Started up ok, small amt of surging that leveled out. Was 5 mins into spraying off my house when it shut off. Engine oil levels still fine, but looking at pump oil window it appears to now be at 75-80% full and it looks thinner while rocking the unit back and forth. I'm thinking water is now in the oil in the pump. I didnt try and restart it. Is that a thing? If so do I need a seal kit to repair it?

If I'm not wasting money I'd like to keep dad's pressure washer, but I'm realistic too so.....thoughts?
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