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First, thanks for reading this thread. After Rita in 2005 and Ike in 2008, sometime in 2009 I took apart my Powermate 4000 with the intention of checking/replacing the brushes and capacitor. It has sat disassembled, the endbell off of it, under my workbench for 11 years. I estimated at that time that it had somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 hours on it, but could be less. Fourteen days constant after Rita in 2005 and thirteen constant after Ike in 2008, with oil changed every 50-75 hours, plug and air filter as specified. Also used it quite a bit between '88 and 2005, 3-6 hours at a time. Back then power went out quite often out here in these woods and we were not high on the priority list as there is no industry or healthcare facilities. All these years it has been under there in pieces, mocking my existence, projecting guilt upon me for not finishing it up, but I bought a Generac in 2010, so. Now I fear the dependability of the Generac, feel I am living on borrowed time, so it's time to get the Powermate going again.

Your input is valued greatly. Please take a look at the pictures of the wiring inside the endbell and identify any issues you see. I have the Reliance L14030 30amp 125/250V shore power box with recessed male TwistLock receptacle under my eave to connect either generators, it wired into my breaker box w 6ga multistrand to my breaker box, connection made using a 30amp double breaker.

Any changes to the way the endbell should be wired?

Are the two capacitors compatible?

Doe anyone know the Torrington part number for the needle bearing in the endbell?

Notice the cracked exhaust where the exhaust pipe enters the muffler. Would you try fixing that or just go with another type of muffler for the 8hp Briggs? Which one do you recommend?

I am not real wild about putting gasoline into a 32 year old PLASTIC gas tank. Especially one located right over the source of ignition. How many heat cycles has it gone through in 32 years, how brittle is it all these years later, and how much vibration would it take to start a stress crack? So I need to come up with a better gas supply plan rather than go back with that gas tank.

And just how many hours can you put on a Briggs before you should rebuild it? It never gave me a single problem. Started on the first or second pull every time. Loudest machine ever invented.



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well if some one is handy with a tig and stainless filler and maybe some flux they can repair the muffler...

super easy to blow through that pipe with any other welder..
it would have to be clean...

or just stick weld it with stainless rod...

bearing, any good bearing shop should be able to size that for you!!
we are lucky to have 2 of them here in town.

as far as the fuel tank... when you press on the tank does it make a cracking noise like fiber glass breaking?
if so replace the tank..

most of the time those tanks will last a long time if they are stored indoors out of the sun and no ethanol.
i bet you could use any tank on it that would fit inside the rails.
if the new tank was too small ... then adapters could be made!
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