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used the little saw today

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well i spent about an hour and a half today using my little poulan saw to cut down a dead tree that was dropping branches all over the yard. probably going to get a severe case of poison ivy from it since the tree was taken over by the stuff. after it was all cut up i relaxed by a bonfire from the tree now i'm beat. did a bunch of yard clean up today too.


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Hope you stayed up-wind.. Ivy can be bad in the lungs.. Nice job on the clean-up..:)
yeah i always avoid the smoke from any burning
took down 3 more dead trees today and got them all burned plus pretty much finished the spring clean-up of the yard
boy, at only 27 y/o i take my boat out to have fun and i see someone cutting their grass and im like dang it he is having fun, as the guy on the tractor waves his fist in the air and is mad that im going out on the water :D. but to get to the point, for some odd reason yard work is fun, it may be hard work at times. but i love having a beautiful house and yard. you would think someone 75+ years old lived at my place and was retired and spent all their time in the yard.

anyway nice work, im sure it looks great now ;)
well its getting better but not wuite perfect yet spent some time on the tractor today leveling out some spots in the yard and now i just need to plant some grass seed in a few areas along with lots more tree trimming
same going on up here, dug up a bunch of shrubs and flowers to make a nice spot for a garden, and pulled up a stump with my dads truck. I'm 32, 89yt12 and I love doing yard work too. Love using power equipment even more, 2-stroke preferably but a tour on a riding mower is never turned down.
but a tour on a riding mower is never turned down.

lol i love seat time :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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