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Well, as per request here are a few pic's of the SureStart from Hyper Engineering.
This is supposed to reduce the INRUSH Current on starting my AC unit.
So ( Hopfully) I can use my Generator to start and run my 2.5ton AC off the generator.

Oh No..... Tamper Proof Seal will Void my Warranty. 馃槇馃槇馃槇
They sprayed black all over the Board so you could not get a P/N from it.
From the looks of it it has a add-on that I think is a small prosser that helps manage/learn how to best apply power for starts.

More later when I hook it up and test it.


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Well, I installed the SURESTART in the 2.5Ton unit on the HIGH Compressor.
(High Compressor LRA 64..Low Compressor LRA 40 w/ hard start kits)
A tight fit due to me not removing the CAPs until I find out if this works.
Fluke was having a hard time catching the INRUSH due to a small surge then a large one. It always showed around 8 Amps..Only getting the first rush.
I finally figured out. The SureStart was doing some Weirdnes on that First start Figuring out how to get the best start.
The INRUSH was 30-32Amps - changed slightly between starts.

I did get a few pics of the Max Amps 32 and Running Amps 11

So, All in All a great test for HYPER ENGINEERING SURESTART.

The High Compressor went from 64Amps LRA to 32Amps LRA.
50% reduction in INRUSH AMPs...

Just purchased another SURESTART off of EBAY for $140 to put on the Low Compressor.


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yea i will stick to the units we use..
i think the micro air is a better design.
the setup starting for the memory is a pain... but they do work well.
They (MicroAir) might be. I could not tell any thing different Between them as far as what the two SoftStarts do. Both learn (after a few starts) the best way to power up the unit.
Only thing I saw was the MicroAir has a longer Whip. So, it can be mounted outside the unit . ( $50 more)
I willl Pass
Bestides I purchased My SURESTART off of EBAY For $125/$145 shipped.
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