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Hi. It would be wise of me to say first that I am in West Africa so resources are limited and spares are few and far between, also the range of tools I have access to are limited to what my organisation has, which isn't very much. I have a basic mulimeter, with no ohms range, and no continuity tester.

I have a Dale Genset, a new(ish) AVR which is a Markon MS3000. I arrived on site and the genny had no output, the old AVR (took from a Honda genset) was for single phase. I was handed an AVR and was told to fit it, the local generator guy had no idea how to connect it. To be fair it was a bit of a mystery because of how the genset was wired. There was a single wire coming from N and that split into 3 and went into the old AVR, and a wire coming from W and that split into two and went to the AVR. U and V were unregulated.

I have wired UVWN as L1, L2, L3, L4. All fine seemingly. However the output across U-N is 40v, we are after a 240v output. So I began investigating the stator. I thought maybe it needed flashed because of how long the genset hadn't been run. I flashed it and nothing. So while the set was running I connected a 12v to the stator directly, sure enough, 178v output. Ran the set and connected the 12v battery to F1, F2 while they were connected, I get 240 for about 6 seconds and it fell back to 40v. As it runs, the supply from F1,F2 is 3-4v

What reason could there be that the stator just cannot maintain the 12v?

There is sand in everything here...it's in the food and it's in unmentionable places too, so no doubt there is a a few kilos of the stuff inside the genset. Taking the end off to get at the stator is an option but it means a few hours of dismantling a makeshift outer frame.

BTW Was only informed y'day that this is exactly what was wrong with the set before the AVR was changed. :confused:

The 45 degree heat is getting to me and we are about to get storms here which will knock out the grid power, the genset would be helpful, if just to keep the fan running.

Should mention I can't load the genset at all because there was no outlet built in for that purpose.

Thanks for any help in advance!
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