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Pressure washer is stalling

The old gas was drained and used elsewhere
New gas put in
Flow of fuel is great
Carb was cleaned, but it was clean to start, blew air through passages etc
Float is not leaking or sticking
Spark plug looks great. Good color, no deposits
Oil is where it should be

There is no oil cut-off safety switch

First I took pump off to just eliminate it from equation. The engine ran fantastic. I let it run for 15 minutes or so and it was awesome, BUT it's not under any load, so not really sure if all is really ok with it, though it all ran great last time I used it.

Put the pump back on and it dies after about 45 seconds without trigger pulled and only about 12 seconds if I pull trigger, but for those 12 seconds it works as good as the day I bought it

I took unloader apart and the verrrrry end of the spring is broken. The very end of it that is filed flat. So I left unloader out and ran machine like that, just to see if it ran longer. It didn't. Made a spectacular fountain for a short time though!

Pressure washer is Lowes Troy Bilt Model #020209, 2.7 gpm, 3000 psi, 7.25 B&S engine

I'd buy a new pump in a second, IF I know I need one and that it will make everything good again. I just find it strange that for the 12 seconds it runs w/trigger pulled I get fantastic pressure
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