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Hi to everyone.

I'm just new to the site and have joined as i'm at a complete loss as to find a replacement piston and cylinder for a Solo 603 chainsaw.

If anyone can advise where i can find a replacement 56mm piston to suit the Solo 603 and/or a replacement cylinder, it would be greatly appreciated.

I've been tearing my hair out trying to find these parts. I am sure another piston from a different chainsaw manufacturer would fit, but no one seems to know any cross reference pistons that will do the job.

Kind regards

Solo 603 Piston_1.jpg

Solo 603 Piston_2.jpg

Solo 603 Piston_3.jpg

Solo 603 Piston_4.jpg

Solo 603 Piston_5.jpg

Solo 603 Piston_6.jpg

Solo 603 Piston_7.jpg

Solo 603 Piston_8.jpg
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