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Small diesel generator

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I'm looking for a small diesel generator, preferably with electric start. I think 3000 watt would be enough. I'm used to having an apu on semi trucks. They are convenient until something breaks. They don't have many service places, and are super expensive. I may have to use a gas one, but would really like to have the generator pull fuel from my trucks diesel tank, instead of having to carry gas cans. Any suggestions on a genset for my needs. I have heard of the Lambordini generators in the electric roadside traffic signs, but don't know where to find one
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Welcome. Yanmar generators are quite popular. Kinda like the Honda is for gas generators. Be careful as there are various knockoffs due to their popularity. However not sure if a small noisy diesel generator is suitable but that’s your choice…
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From everything I can read (skim), an APU seems better than a genset for a tractor/trailer, but I'm no trucker, and don't know all of your requirements anyway. However, if it must be a diesel genset, and has nifty features such as remote start, low battery sense, and such, it seems one logical go to vendor is the Onan RV series of gensets.

My guess is that every class A diesel monster out there sports an Onan ... still the gold standard for RV's.

These folks discuss the choices between APU & D-Genset:

https:// www.hp2000apu.com/apus-vs-portable-generators-for-trucks/

And the Cummins/Onan pages:

https:// www.cummins.com/generators/rv-generators

Hope this helps ...
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Thank you for your replies. I do like the convenience of an apu, but 12k to 15k for something that is not reliable isn't feasible. Boss had one installed on a truck I drove. I was back at the repair shop 3 times within 6 months. But really only 4 months of use due to it being broken, and waiting for a gap in my schedule to get it looked at. It was nice, but it needed more cooling capacity when stuck at 120 degree south texas heat and humidity. It was noisy too probably 65 to 70 decibels. My dad has an onan about 6000w he's never used. It came with a truck he bought. It was large enough that it was mounted under the trailer. Dad switched trailers and just didn't want the weight on his truck. I do oversized loads and sometimes I wait a few days to unload, due to weather or someone not scheduling a crane, etc. I might be sitting in a remote location. Due my truck having extra axles and fuel tanks. I don't have a lot of room for that onan, it's bulky. Probably just get a small gas one, that will be cheap and easy to swap out if it fails. Thanks for your replies
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I have heard of the Lambordini generators in the electric roadside traffic signs, but don't know where to find one
Bangor, Maine

Kohler now owns Lombardini Srl, an Italian manufacturer.
…Probably just get a small gas one…

Well the eu2200 Honda inverter is the gold standard, if that size is suitable for your needs. Easy to buy used if you’re patient….
I found a generator that will suit my needs. It appears not to be charging. I'm thinking of getting a new generator head. Only numbers on it are
LR 11305. Any sources? Nothing much comes up on google. Looking for 3000watts or better. Willing to get a gas generator and rob the head off it , but what model would work.?
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