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I've had this trimmer for approximately 3yrs. This afternoon while trimming the bump head came off and fell on the ground. Upon inspection it appears that the threaded shaft thats constitutes the inside of the bump head is crimped to the flexible drive shaft and the threaded shaft had sheared off where it had been previously crimped.

Now it appears that the only way to get a replacement drive shaft is to take a complete lower drive shaft. However this part is obsolete and can no longer be obtained. Not to be outdone I fashioned a crimp myself to the extent that at least its secure and probably will work until i can find a replacement part.

However, now the problem. The drive shaft inserts frm the bottom but what actually holds it in place? What I currently have is that the shaft with the weight of the bump head will fall out of the lower shaft. What is meant to hold the drive shaft in the lower assembly when attached to the top assembly? I don;t think I've lost any parts and as the shaft and the drive needs to rotate I can't see how the flexible shaft is actually held in place in the lower drive shaft assembly.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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