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It’s time to replace my tired and worn Generac portable generator.

I wanted to get a general consensus regarding diesel vs. gas. I know the 1800-rpm diesels are far superior to the 3600-rpm gas portables but budget doesn’t allow for it at this time, since it will only be used occasionally as a backup during power outages. What I wanted to know is, do the 3600-rpm portable diesels have any advantage over the gas portables in terms of durability and possible long run times? My old 99 Tecumseh powered Generac did a 4-day stretch averaging 11-12 hour a day for 4 days.

One of the gas portables I was interested in was the Northstar 8000 watt powered by the Honda GX 390 engine. It looked like a decent buy with regard to the specs and affordable price. Does anyone have any experience with this Northstar gen-set? I know most will shout buy a Honda but like I said budget doesn’t allow for it at this time.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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