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Quincy 230-32

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I just picked up this compressor this weekend, the info I need is max hp, max rpm, max psi and repair parts source, and approx. cfm would be nice too.

What I have found so far is a max rpm of 900
I am planning a 5hp 1750 rpm motor
the pressure swith operates at 80 on 100psi off

it had a 2hp 3 phase motor on it with about a 3" pulley

any info and help appreciated

Houston, TX
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Quincy is a good Compressor. Most major cities have at least one Quincy Dealer, so Houston should have at least one.
They set them up for 900 rpm, so I would be hesitant to turn it 1750, bad things could happen.:eek: Not for sure, but not worth taking a chance.
A Dealership should be able to get you Manuals for it.
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