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Questions on a 2001 Dixon ZT mower (Dixon 4516K, Eng Kohler CV16S) , with the following complaints. Have you had and solved these issues or have suggestions?

1. It will backfire usually as it starts sending off a ball of smoke, then it runs with good power. Is that a timing issue as a bad flywheel key or what?

2. It runs with good power until he turns or hit a rough spot and then it misses a short time as if something is loose. One tech told him it could be in his safety kill switch or a carb issue.

3. He is noticing signs of water in his carb’s bowl and tank, I feel due to ethanol w/o additives. I suggested an inline filter/water separator but the tech felt it w/n help.

4. Recent starting issues w/o priming were solved with a choke adjustment.

5. What should the compression be on the engine? What should a tune-up include?

6. He has to charge his Batt to use the mower which we feel is a bad stator. Is that saying it is a Batt Ign?

I lost this thread trying to post with Mowers and would appreciate help here if possible.
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