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Last week I took the day and went by my buddie's pawn shop.
I had no more than got into the show room before his eyes lit up.
He got by the howdys and then he said he needed my help.
He took me back into the shop and showed me a new small Generac 2800 KW Generator.
He exclaimed that some guy had been trying to correct a problem with it.
He had the schematic and a new 30 amp double breaker.
He had the shop guys sit it on a rolling cart and we proceeded to open the control panel.
Once inside the panel I could see that the tinkerer had several wires hanging loose.
I found the 240 volt wires from the field hanging loose.
Naturally Generac had not followed the schematic as the wires were too short have connected as shown on the print.
Within a few minutes I had them connected properly and had the new double breaker installed.
Before starting it I took notice that the 20 amp receptacle was a different color and it struck me that maybe someone had changed it out.
I looked careful at the wiring.
It had one leg of the 240 on the top and the other leg on the bottom of the receptacle.
Obviously Generac had just jumped the wires from the 30 amp plug to the 20 amp plug.
No breaker for the 20 amps, but that was Generac's design problem.
Then I saw a problem.
Who ever had changed out the 20 amp plug left the tab between the two hot legs.
I removed it and we started it.
Everything checked out and my reputation was saved.
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