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Not much activity on this site, and that is strange, as I work as pressure washer repairman. I see many common problems come into the shop, and most of them could have been avoided. I"ll just touch on a few.
Water supply must be clean and of sufficient amount to feed the pump.
replace the inlet screen periodically, and yes there should be a inlet screen in every pump.
If you are going to store the machine for the season drain everything and use a pump saver or antifreeze solution.
when using the pump frequenlty, at the end of every day you need to remove all hoses and drain them, also remove all tips or nozzles and drain everything possible.
And before you use your machine allways check the pump oil and the engine oil everytime before you fire it up. Yes everytime even if you cheked it 5 minutes ago.
And change the pump oil frequently not just annually. pump oil is cheap compared to a new pump and changing it is easy. Most small pumps only hold a very small amount of oil
And the number one thing that you should know about your machine is READ THE OWNERS MANUAL. Thanks for you attention, hope this helps.
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