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Pressure Gauge Not Working

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Hello everyone, just joined the forum, hope you can help me with a puzzle.

I just bought a home made log splitter. Everything works just fine and, although I don't know the tonnage, it has enough power to split logs that I can't with my 5 ton electric log splitter. For some reason the pressure gauge doesn't work. I replaced the original 0-3000 gauge with a new 0-5000, but the needle doesn't move at all in either case.

As shown in the pictures, the gauge is on a T connector where the hose goes to the back of the hydraulic cylinder. I've made sure there is no blockage in the T connector, I see oil in there when I remove the gauge and there's obviously pressure because the cylinder splits logs. It's a mystery to me as to why the gauge doesn't move at all.

Any idea what's going on?


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Why is there a tee ? Are you sure you're not in the return circuit ?
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