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Still having an issue with my generator. Below at the bottom in red is text from my original post. I ended up taking the carb off and discovered the pilot jet was the issue. I ended up getting a new one since one of the little seals broke. I have the carb a good cleaning and put it back on. I fired the generator up and it ran on high idle. When I engaged the automatic idle so it could idle down it would not idle down. Since I had to unscrew the idle screw to get the pilot jet out I I figured this was the issue. A screwdriver could not be used to remove it. I had to use a pair of needle nose pliers in order to unscrew it little by little.

I had it screwed in all the way and kept backing it out until the generator finally idled down in the auto idle mode, but then it started to surge a bit. I went back and forth each way with the idle screw and now its at the point where it just surges in high idle but surges slowly. I am really unsure how to adjust this idle screw or now if it is something else. I am thinking about just getting an entirely new carb again since it was cheap and just replace it. Before I do that I would like to feel some sense of accomplishment in maybe figuring this issue out before I go that route. Any help would be appreciated.

"I have a Predator 3500 Inverter generator I couple from Harbor Freight less than 2 years ago. It seems to be having a surging issue either in idle or full throttle. The original carburetor I replaced because it kept leaking gas up through the fuel bowl and out even after cleaning it several times. I found a carburetor for it on Amazon and it seemed to work just fine. I fired it up today and it is surging idling up down up down. When I move the on/off knob about halfway towards start/choke it runs a bit better.

Any ideas on what the issue is and how I can fix it? Greatly appreciate any help."
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