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Powerpro 4050 watt with electric lawn motor?

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I what to know if i can tie a electric lawn mower engine on to the part
that make the power run a loop so the electric motor is power by the
power it make is there a way to do this is there electric motor as high
as 7.0ph gas one that on there?
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not really sure what you are asking here best i can tell is that you want to know if you can power the generator from an electric motor that uses power from the generator if that is what you are asking it is unfortunately impossible
Yea that what asking about is there a part like electric motor that take a like power
to start it and than do a loop that give it little more to power some fans and light
i saw something little were they use a car part and wire up and tie together so it work
that way
There's no magic bullet. If you need more wattage, then you're going to need a bigger machine. No offense, but your english is hard to understand.
Me know Me miss that part of school thanks anyways
what the best generator out there that last the longest on tank gas that under 1,000
Bestt and $1000 don't belong in the same sentence. Roger
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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