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Please help me troubleshoot my Echo PE 2000 trimmer fuel issue.

1. I finally got the trimmer to run good above idling only (initially), used it, and stored it about a month with fresh SaBil treated 50:1 fuel.

2. The trimmer w/n not run constantly again w/o it appearing as running out of gas (with air in fuel vs solid fuel in the carb to tank return fuel line).

3. A disassembly and study of two types of primer bulbs plates/bodies took place (since I c/n draw and push solid fluid w/o air in the original). I learned one had a noticeable "Duck-Bill" one-way valve and good. The suspicious valve in use was under a welch plug that I’ll check later.

4. The bulb with the noticeable Duck-Bill showed a good improvement and better when I added an O-ring under the retainer to help seal it tighter.

5. Primed It And It Ran Continuously! Wide Open Throttle (WOT) Or At Idle, fine tuning will comelater. I Wish I Could Remember How Many Years Old This Project Is (4 Maybe vs Hours). LOL!

6. Solving the air in the fuel was the Key. Seeing the primer sys was pulling air w/o the plastic valve/gasket below the bulb helping to control the air in the bulb was the big break. Until this study I felt the plastic valves contributed to the air. This will add another Page to my notes.

Please add additional info, links or Pics that might help to verify what I feel I learned. I just joined this Board to try and get some help on this matter. Now, I hope this info is worth sharing
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