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I've always tinkered. Mostly with car maintenance. recently I've branched off into everything else. Last year I had a garage door malfunction, and the technician told me it was because I didn't do the maintenance. And it was going to be $500 to replace a plastic gear + more to replace the springs. (less than $100 and fifteen minutes) the gear was installed, and the springs (with safety cables)

That was the beginning of my DIY if I can.

Last month the central air wouldn't work.. Under warranty, and again the tech was quoting me $900 to recharge and replace a transformer. I went to school for electronics, not what I do, but not clueless. I trusted his diagnosis, started to do the work after I ordered all the tools and materials (less than $140) and as I tried started to do the work, noticed teh transformer was fine, and then checked the schraeders and pressure and the coolant was good. Then I noticed the fuse was missing from the mother board. quick short, and the AC came right on. Literally a $.60 part. And the fact that he pulled it left me speechless. Now I have enough coolant, schrader valve tool, and manifold to do my AC for the next 20 years.

And people wonder why there are so many DIY'ers
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