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Honda has launched a parts look-up site for Honda Power Equipment, Honda Engines, and Honda Marine (outboards). The look up includes all vintage equipment (riding mowers, older outboards, etc.) as well. This site is a parts look-up reference resource only; Honda is not selling parts direct, but has a "Find a Dealer" locator to help you find a dealer in your area.

The frame serial number is best to get a correct match of parts. But, you can browse Power Equipment and Marine parts without a serial number. (Only the Honda Engines site requires an engine serial number to see parts).

After selecting a group, you can pick parts to build a "wish list" that can be saved or /emailed. Prices are "list price" but know that many dealers do offer discounts on many parts. This site has the most up-to-date parts catalogs, including superceeded parts, alternate parts, etc. Some parts may show up with with "Call us" button, and this generally means the part has been discontinued or no longer available, but call your dealer to confirm.

Full links:

Honda Power Equipment Parts

Honda Marine Parts

Honda Engine Parts
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