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So I was going to install a new 13kw generac as a backup. Electrician friend mentioned he had a warr swap out unit that he got quite awhile ago I could have. Story was (back in 2010) that it would sometimes not start.......thats all he remembers. Generac sent a new unit, and didn't want old one back, so this has been sitting about 10yrs in his shed. So as I am a auto dealer tech, thought I would give this a go. Looks in great shape, other than a little dirty and he thinks only about 20hrs on it. Cylinder clean and rust free. Cleaned and wiped everything down good, and it cranks over great. I'm going to pull flywheel cover to check for rust on it and coil, adjust valves, and change oil. I will also go over all wiring super careful to see if I can see anything that would cause an issue.

So questions I have, is
(1)seeing posts about bad coils on these, should I just replace it? Is there anything else I should do to make this reliable?
(2)What the best auto whole house switch to use with this? I want to wire/set this up for a 16kw down the road if this thing ends up being a problem....that way I can just swap out the genny.....but switch may be different for a newer one?
(3) Anything i'm missing??? lol Thanks! Pics of model etc below


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spark coils are a great place to start as well as the spark pickup coil.

also check the low oil sensor...
and temp sensors can also call for shut down...

if it will work ok on a universal transfer switch those are the way i would go.
look at the ones for the multi power..
like solar and wind with generator as backup.

if you are good with electrical easy to design a good system that would work with small to larger gens!
just make sure the main contactor with work with the main panel current.

how big is the main breaker for the house?
200 amp main breaker is the new standard down here in the states..
and they go up from there on large houses...

i like a 300 amp contactor for the main on a 200 amp service...

and i would think on a 100 to 150 amp for the generator contactor for size ...
then use smaller breakers to match the gen set you are running at the time.
that would leave you plenty of room for head space...

and i love fat wires! over kill is nice on a power system.
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