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Background: My (old) 2000w RAC HP-132 pressure washer has finally given up the ghost after ~8-9 years of use
When trying to use it - it whines when switched on / pump doesn't start with trigger (intermittant) & cuts out (for overheating ??) when it actually does decide to work

So I think it's about time I look for a replacement HOWEVER I would like to be able to reuse the accessories that originally came with it.
These are:-
  • Patio Cleaner
  • Turbo Lance
  • Rotary Brush
  • Fixed brush
Along with a 'Flexible Drain hose with retrojet Nozzle' I had brought in the past to clear a block drain I had.

Now I know that this particular type of washer uses a connection to the handle similar to what is used on a "Nilfisk Alto" pressure washer uses (#5 in my attachment), & I know that "Karcher" K-type washers DON'T use the same connector. (#7 I believe) & each 'popular' brand of washer seems to use a different connector (attachment shows 12 types but I bet there's more)

I can find many power washers online sold by the 'big names' like Karcher & Bosch but I can also find 'Cheaper' alternatives (just the unit & lance) sold by places like Aldi/Lidl/B&M/Argos etc

My idea is save a bit of money by buying a unit with the basic lance & reuse the bits I already have instead of spending extra money to get the same attachments I already have & could've been re-used

So here's my Question..

Can anyone recommend a pressure washer with similar specs to my RAC HP-132 (-anything up to around £200) that could reuse the accessories that I already have.

I usually only use the power washer to give patio a clean & the occasional Car wash so don't really need anything too powerful - I believe washers around the 1600w-2000w are around 100-130Psi

Also (maybe using my attachment as a reference) maybe owners of various pressure washers (popular/common/well know or 'cheapy') could post here what their connector their washer uses

To the best of My Knowledge
#1 & #3 are used on different types of "Bosch" - not sure which though
#4 I Think belongs to a "Lavor" type washer
#5 Used on "Nilfisk Alto" / "RAC HP-132"
#7 Used on "Karcher" 'K' type
#9 Also "Karcher" but not sure what type

The other connectors I have no idea

I think this may be a good idea so that anyone wanting to buy a new accessory for their washer - they could cross reference & see what alternative manufacturers use the same connector (just like when I tried to find the drain hose for my RAC model & finding it's the same as a Nelfisk)

Thanks for any help in advance


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they make adapters for the washer units that will convert to the old.
Yeah I've seen those, was considering them as a "just-in-case" backup
- of course I would need to buy the new washer first, try & figure out what type of connector it uses, then hopefully if it's not some obscure type, buy a "Nilfisk to xxxxx" adaptor

As you may of figured, I'm a bit of a cheap-skate
- not wanting to buy stuff if I can get away with whatever I've already got, hence why I was asking for suggestion of any pressure washers that use the 'Nilfisk' type connector (& yes I do know these adaptors are only ~£10)
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