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new north star compressor

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brand new North star 2 hp 5.3 cfm
after break in run I noticed that the two air filter covers have a port to feed fresh air into the compressor.
Problem ? the filter port on the right has plenty of vacuum the filter port on the left has very little vacuum .
Could this be normal or is there a problem.
Seems to take some time to build up pressure ,
I am wondering if this is normal or what.

Thanks forum for any answers.

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Looking at some photos they seem to be simple inlets. Pull the covers and see if both sides a assembled the same. Is the compressor performing as expected ?
Thanks Flopshot fast response.
I did pull both air filters all looked good.
But I am thinking so much air going and so much comming out should the inlets be the same .I do think so but I have been wrong before.
One is very strong and one is weak. Thats why I am concerned . You would think they should be the same vacuum .
I will wait till monday and call north star for their opinion.I cant speak to the point of if it is performing as expected .
It will run my DA sander and ratchets .
Buy for body work the sander or sprayer may run an hour or more .
I need to be sure my cfm output is up to par
Suppose to pump up to 130 in 3 minutes but this one takes almost 5 minutes
sounds like you might have a lazy cylinder. not sure how you would diagnose other than configuring the inlet or outlet for fitting an automotive leakdown tester or compression gauge.
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