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1st message as I just joined today. Live in Long Island, NY about 60 miles east of NY City.

Expecting a snow storm tomorrow night into Monday. Had enough of old man winter, for sure.

Anyway, I have a new Honda home backup generator - EU6500 - love how quiet it is. Had an electrician install a 10 circuit transfer panel. Really works well. Did I say how quiet it is?

Anyway, the generator is on the built-on wheels in the garage so it can be wheeled out to run when needed.

I would like to purchase a "storage shed" that I can keep outside the garage to house the generator when its needed - no plans to keep the generator itself outside all of the time - only when I lose power to keep it out of the elements when its running.

My problem is that I don't even know where to look for such a shed or box. Can anyone offer some suggestions? Obviously I'm looking for something portable and not over-sized - just enough to cover the generator when its running.

In advance, thanks. :)
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