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I've got an older leaf blower that's always ran really well. I got it from my dad a couple years back, never had a problem. Maybe it was a little difficult to start sometimes, but it ran like a top. Craftsman Model number 358.797310. It has a Walbro 945 WA229 carb on it.

End of last season, it wouldn't start. I looked in the gas tank and the fuel filter/float had broken off the fuel line. No big deal, I thought. And I put it away and figured I would look at it some time over the winter. Well, I'm stumped. I still can't get it to start. Occasionally, it'll start for about 5 second and then it'll start to sputter down and die. One time while running for a couple seconds, I saw fuel leaking, so I took the carb off and replaced the carb to engine gasket. No more leaking fuel, great! But it still won't start.

I replaced both the supply and return line to the tank.
Replaced the fuel filter.
Carb Gasket to engine.
Generally cleaned and gotten rid of years of accumulated gunk.

It seems like it's not getting fuel. I've primed the carb with the cover off and I can see the air bubbles in the fuel lines, and I prime until they are gone and the line is full of fuel.

Anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I must just be missing something pretty straight forward, but I'll be a monkeys uncle, I can't see it!
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