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Hi all. I'm a new member. I purchased a BlueMax log splitter kit (a few years ago) with no assembly/operating manual. I am now ready to assemble and use it. I contacted the manufacturer, North American Tool Industries. They said they no longer sell it, have no manuals, no parts, or any information about this splitter. I looked all over the internet as well.
I suppose I can assemble from the photo, but I would really like to have the manuals. If anyone has one, or knows where I can get one, I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe it was also sold under another name.
It's a 22 ton BlueMax Pro, Horizontal, 6.5 HP, 8 gpm flow rate, 3500 psi pump, 4" bore X 23" stroke, splits 22" logs and 100 lbs capacity. I can't find a model number. It's not the 6212 model. I have that manual but It's very different. Mine is the inexpensive model.See photo below.
Thanks, kgrims
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