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my saws

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well i decided to get myself a birthday present today so i went out looking for an electric chain saw but i didn't like what i was seeing and then i had the thought of having to drag an extension cord around behind me which isn't so bad until you have to roll it up after you are done.

i decided to start looking at the smaller gas saws since i really need a good limbing saw and decided on a 14" poulan from sears i paid 175 for the saw, 2 extra chains, bar oil, and some 2 stroke oil. when i got back home i fired it up and tried it out. the little guy has plenty of power and is heavy enough that you know its there but light enough to use for limbing it weighs just over 13lbs i only used it for a few minutes but i like it already.

so here is a pic of it along with my other saw which is a 9 year old craftsman 42cc with 20" bar


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Nice looking Saw you got! Keep us updated how it is working out!
i may be giving both good workout on sunday because i have a huge tree to cut down at my grandma's house
Nice! You'll probably notce it will run even better after a couple tanks of gas. Once the rings get seated in. Have fun and be safe!;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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