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Various pics of my new and older trimmers, and other tools

Stihl KM91R, brand new Echo 3020 and a Tanaka TG24SL

This 4-mix Stihl is my least favorite "trimmer" of the bunch because the throttle is almost impossible to modulate while trimming. Its like a light switch. But it works great with the Bed Redefiner and Hedge Trimmer attachments. If you are looking into a Kombi system and having a trimmer attachment is part of the plan, I suggest buying the 2 stroke KM94 version because it has the throttle limiting wheel for the trigger. The 4 mixers dont have this.

The Tanaka is a very good unit and is the lightest I've ever used. The only issue with it is the super small fuel tank. If you have a smaller yard and dislike heavy trimmers, this one is the cats meow

I've heard some great things about the 3020 so just picked one up. It will be lead trimmer and the Tanaka the backup. The speed feed 450 head is massive.

I dont own this one anymore but another great trimmer is the Husqvarna 324L with the Honda engine. Its extremely easy to start and super smooth. If you're the type that likes lugging around at low rpm with lots of string exposed, this is a good one. After four years of trouble free service I gave it to my brother and he loves it.

Oh, speaking of Husqvarna, the best blower out there IMO is the 570. I tried others such as a Fradan, various handhelds, Hus 150BT, Stihl BR700, and even the bigger Hus 580, but this 570 is my favorite because it scours so well. It does everything.

Only 2 months to go until grass season!
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