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Hi All,

Last season my trusty chainsaw started hemorrhaging bar and chain oil at a crazy rate. Seemed it was coming out as quickly as I had put it in.

Well, I put it aside and just got around to taking it apart to investigate.

I've attached three pics to illustrate my situation.

  1. In the first pic you can see what the internals looked like when I first opened.
  2. The second pic shows a plastic (oil pickup?) tube and filter which I had to fish out of the oil tank. It was sitting in there without being attached to anything.
  3. Pic three shows what I believe the proper setup to be.

Can someone confirm?
Also, if my proposed configuration is correct, when the tubing goes through the hole, in the wall of the oil tank, is it sealed at all? If so, can the oil leak around the point where the tube goes through?

I looked at an owners' manual and parts diagram but they don't show enough detail.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!


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