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Yeti1369, I recently set my grandson up in the pressure washing business.
4200 psi washer, hoses, nozzles, ladders, soap and sprayers. And a trailer. Business cards.
He got one job and struggled with completion. He made some mistakes.
The washer was too powerful and it washed the paint off of some of the facia siding.
He was lucky as the owner let it slide.
The summer closed and he had no further jobs although I thought he priced the ones he looked at reasonable.
I suggest that you consider a rough time getting a good start right off as it may not happen.
Pressure washing is not fun in the cold of winter and more so in the heat of the summer.

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power washing drive ways and side walks is good money.
they make special rotary cleaner heads that make it easy.
the big thing is the investment..
it is an easy $10k for a hot water trailer washer with a water tank.
and by the time you custom modify it and buy the extra hose, power head etc.

northern tool makes a good trailer unit.
we have 2 of them in the fleet for washing heavy equipment.
that hot water sure does cut the crud for sure.
we bough one of the floor cleaner heads as well.
nice for getting concrete clean for sealing on new construction.

estimate the jobs by the hour is the best way. and cover travel costs too. $0.50 per mile is a good number.
firm signed contracts with a few non refundable bucks up front always is a good idea.
factor in the % portion of the equipment cost like it is a rental unit.
chemical cost. and if you are on a site that does not have water factor that water cost in as well.
I always say 10% for up keep needs to be set aside for repairs.

make sure you have a million dollar liability insurance coverage..
yea it is the cost of doing biz thing.

biz startups are a hard road.. but there is good money out there for those who work hard!
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