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Hello All, First to mention, Ive looked before I posted as to not ask the same question twice but to no avail.

Ive gather as much information as possible, possibly more then you will need.

I have a Briggs & Stratton VR2500 6.5HP Quantum residential 2500PSI / 17 237KPA.
Serial # 2551216451 and Model # vr2500-1 production date of 04-12-05 and on the engine is stamped 5080 01 56 A83.

This is my neighbors pressure washer, but was told if I could get it running I could use it whenever I wanted, which would very well be good as I could make some serious cash with it, He went and bought a new one because he tried to get it running this year and the pull start wouldn't retract and it was hard to pull in the first place. Now being the Mechanic I am and the ability to fix ALMOST anything (I`m the neighborhood hero when it comes to anything with an engine) I took the challenge, Did the basic diagnostics, and with the CYLINDER HEAD off, still hard to spin, I split the crankcase,
to find, not oil but THICK SLUDGE,
and the piston rod caps in the process of seizing,
and the crank, well actually not too bad, as this was just the beginning of its last rotation. (sorry to make the story so long but I figured it was a nice story as to WHY I`m asking this question)

The Question at hand:.....Can I upgrade the engine to a larger CC and HP, as this came with a 6.5 HP, would it cause any damage to the Pump If I were to upgrade to, Lets say a 10.5HP?

Can these pumps handle more power?

Or are they all build specifically for the amount of power that it was built with?

Or how much loss of power would I notice if I were to Downgrade the engine to a 5HP?

Thank you all in advance for any help, Have a good one y'all.

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The pumps are generally designed with a minimum power needed to run run them but I'm not aware of any that have a limit on how much power they can take I'm sure there is a number I just don't know what it would be
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