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Portable ITT Marlow brand water pump. Gas powered with manual start. Wisconsin VH4D Engine that is 30 HP at 2800 RPM. Likely pumps a good volume around 400+ GPM I would guess. Appears to have a 3-4 inch suction. The pump hasn’t been run in years but seems to be in good condition. Want to say it was made in the late 70s. It is currently in an unknown operating condition. I have not tried to start it. Engine is not seized up though. I inherited it recently and I'm not much of a pump guy. It's been kept in a warehouse for several years and has not been exposed to the elements. Additional photos are available per request. You’re welcome to come take a look at the pump beforehand. Asking $1000- going off of sold ebay listings for VH4D Engines. Open to offers though.

Pump Model No. - 407
Pump Spec- 0699600

Engine Serial No.- 6842834
Part No. - X4B7A

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