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I have a Ingersoll Rand T30 compressor
The pump model number is 2475D5
The pump serial number is T30
It is a 2 stage 5hp 230volt single phase pump

When I got the compressor and changed the oil in the pump there was more water then oil in it. Now when I turn it on it works alright when cold. After running for a minute or two the pump starts to seize up (I'm guessing) you can here the pump starting to struggle and then the belt starts slipping. Im thinking i need to rebuild the pump or get a new one.

When i look online all i see are whole compressors, not just a bare pump. Now my question is can i use any pump that has the same bolt pattern and is of the same specs as i mentioned above? Or do i need to find a new 2474D5 pump?

When i look online ive seen a few bare 2340 model pumps that are of the same specs as mine. Would one of them work? Any help would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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