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HI all! This is my first post. Can I ask you a question?

Some guy blocked the output pipe of this pump. You can check out the device in its homepage

It is a submersible, electromechanical (vibratory), 3/4'' clean water well pump. It was bought and installed 2 years ago, brand new. It has been used for aproximately 500 hours to elevate water to a 15 meters height. A couple of errors were made during its install: no fuse was devised and the pipe check was installed 10m above the water level :/ Fortunately, there was a switch buoy.

As you implied, the case tore apart. I rebuilt it with epoxy (actually a good job ) and sealed it with silica amorpha (white silicone from a tube). Finally, I clamp the "lids" with some metal angulars, radially. I tested it for leaks, and there was none

Finally, I resealed it and tested the output flow. Unfortunately my results were 100 liters in 6.15 minutes, 975lts/hour. The graphs tells me that the teorethical max for this pump is 1970 liters/hour. Unfortunately, I don't know what was the output flow from this pump BEFORE the incident.

What do you think? Are the rubber seals damaged? Was my reconstruction faulty? Is it normal for a 500 hours old pump to produce half its optimal output?

Thanks guys! This post ended up being longer than I wanted
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