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I’m 26 years old and been in labor/construction my whole life. I wanted to start my own business. I just bought this power washer for 60 it runs and everything. You think I can clean peoples walkways driveways and homes with this machine?

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you will be better off with a hot water wash system.
click here for a good trailer hot washer
they work faster. and they will work well with chemicals.
faster is more money can be made in a day's time.
we have 2 of them in the fleet.
also look in to foam guns too.

the best advice on a start up is to invest all money back in the biz!
the first 4 years are the hard years.
but if you get a few industrial contracts they can make your biz!

make sure you have a million dollar liability insurance coverage for biz.
yea they can be bought for each job.
just include the price in the contract.
and yes you want signed contracts.
money for materials up front, or have the clients buy all materials.
cash is king

just a few things to think on!
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