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Hard to find fuel with no ethanol in most places, and most of you know the problems with it in small gas engines, especially if left in the tank for a while. Honda has a new tool to help when troubleshooting possible stale fuel issues, a Fuel/Alcohol tester. Most engines will be fine with 10% or less ethanol, and this tool will give a good indicator of how much is actually in your tank:

Add a bit of water to the tube, then fill with the sample gasoline. Shake it up, wait a few minutes, and read the percentage of ethanol (alcohol) direct. Gasoline floats on top of water, and when shaken, the ethanol binds with the water and sinks to the bottom of the tube:

Honda part number 07AAJ-E85A100. Google the part number to find a dealer selling online, or find your local dealer with this link:

Find a Honda Dealer
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