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Hello all! Tim from Amherst, VA and I am new to the site. Automotive repairs has for years,been the majority of my wrench turning. Auto parts was my profession for 35 years. Ive gotten less intimidated by small engines in the last few years and have taken on repair work on just about anything on the side. I came to the conclusion, finally,that my little Honda suitcase generator needed a new carb. I ordered one of the cheaper ones off of Amazon and was expecting a wiring issues from reading the reviews. The simplest fix,it seemed from reading the posts was to swap step motors from old to new because the new carb step motor is hard wired whereas the old one is connected by a plug.i was convinced my step motor was bad so this simple fix wasn't going to work for me,and although there was a plug on the harness on the inverter side,it wasn't compatible.i was going to have to splice my old plug into the new harness . The new harness is 4 conductor,like the old,but uses a yellow,orange,blue and purple wire where the old ,uses a red,blue,yellow and white wire. There wasn't any paperwork with the new carb so I had to rely on what I found on the net.i came up with at least three conflicting solutions. The first I tried had the governor spassing out no matter what adjustments you made.the second had the unit running smoothly but no power output indicator light coaxed me to check the outlets with my meter and I had no voltage on either one.the third time was the right combination. I won't mention the wrong combinations to eliminate confusion. I don't know if all aftermarket carbs use those colors or if this is THE fix for all Honda using one. But this IS what fixed my Honda eu2000i and the process I used. I traced the original wiring back to the inverter and unplugged the square plug. Went thru and undid any harness restraints, removed the air filter,fuel lines and finally the carb. On the inverter end,I cut about 8 or 9 inches of wiring with the plug off of the original harness and about the same length off of the new. Normally,I would solder the joints but I was out of solder so I made a flat run twist connection and slipped a piece of heat shrink tubing over the bare joint. After I completed all 4 wires,I took about 6 inches of the black shielding off the old harness and covered all 4 wires then zip tied the shielding shut. I have no doubt that this method will be trouble free. I plugged the harness to the inverter, tucked the harness in neatly and reused the restraints. Installed new gaskets that came with, reinstalled the carb,fuel lines, overflow and vent lines and the air filter. A half a pull and my unit fired right up,idled smoothly, indicator lamp glowed green and meter checked the outlets.both showed 124 volts. here is the translation for the wire colors that worked on my unit.
Old blue to new blue.
Old yellow to new yellow.
Old red to new purple (or pink as some see it)
And old white to new orange. I hope this helps anyone that runs into this scenario and that I explained it simply enough. Contact me if there's any questions. Everyone have a great day.


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