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Hello guys/gals-

My first post so Ill just jump right in! 馃檪
Here goes:

This generator is showing codes E10, E20 and the red overload light comes on. It fires up for bout 10 seconds then shuts down.

I understand codes mean no communication between inverter and GCU. I tested the harness between them, pin to pin and all was good. I tested generator and seems good (resistance on coils) no shorts.

Im looking for info on how to test the inverter to rule it out as the issue. Also, info on testing GCU. Any info would be great!


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I have 2 rolls of toilet paper and a travel package of sanitizing wipes for anyone than can give me the info I am looking for! 馃

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Hey, I guess everyone has been as busy as I am. You are correct that e10 e20 are inverter gcu communication errors.

The service manual indicates component inspections of the stator, inverter, inverter harness In that order.

I only have info for the Eu7000... but its most likely the same for the EM7000.


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how old is the gen set and how many hours?
check all of the connectors for green or corrosion..
and pinched harness as well.
you could also have an over crimped connector!!
I found one of those today!! almost pinched in two!!
it showed up with a flir thermal camera..
rare thing but it was a good find.
it was a low current output on L2

yea you might be looking at stator and rotor replacement.
stator could be bad inside..
you need the good test gear like a scope meter and a coil checker for that.
it is best to replace them in pairs if you do them.
big changes in the new replacement units.
better magnets and a bit of a coil tweak as well from the first generation production run.

all of this gear is changing fast by the hour!!
lots of changes for the good on the inverter units!!

I have a parts link for honda parts at
Poust usa bottom of the page for honda parts coupon
use the coupon code at check out.
and they are good prices as well.
order the spare parts too like filters etc.
make the shipping count.
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