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Hi all I'm new here and just taken over a garage I have a really old Ingersoll rand compressor in need of some parts it has the motor missing and a few other components however I'm hoping someone can inform me on the correct motor required the details are as follows
Air reciever BSS 487/49/D
Tensile 26/30 tons
Size 16“
Dia 44“
Shell 1/4 ins thick
Concave end 1/4 ins thick
Convex end. Ins thick
Safe working pressure 160 lbs
Hyd test pressure 330 lbs
Reciever no EW32935
Date tested 10 9 56

Then on the pump it says
Ingersoll rand
Model B
GH 612920

Any help would be appreciated on what motor this compressor should have thanks very much Paul
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