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i have a craftsman power washer. it used to work great and I loved it. last summer it started to have an issue that I can't figure out. its a gas powered pressure washer. it starts and runs great. however it wont spray high pressure water when I pull the trigger unless I have the water supply turned off, start the engine, pull the trigger then turn on the supply water. That's fine, but if i release the trigger for just a second it won't spray high pressure when i pull the trigger again.

another indicator of the problem could be that if the supply water is turned on, I can not pull start the engine because of too much water prssure. But if I pull the trigger, relieving some pressure, then I can pull the cord and the engine starts and I have high pressure until I release the trigger, then if if pull trigger again, no high pressure.

I have found that if i pull the trigger, and kink the supply water hose so that there isn't much water coming to the unit, I will have high pressure, then i can release the kink and everything is fine, until i release the trigger, then I need to repeat the kink process.

So I've been using it like this for a year or so and just not releasing the trigger. I have put a zip tie around the trigger so that it is always pulled and I can use it with out issues.

What do I need to repair or replace to fix this issue. Thank You
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