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Grass gator heavy duty

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I bought a grass gator heavy duty bump and feed head for a swap on a cub cadet I had in the shop. It wouldn't fit it so I kept it since to send it back to amazon.com would be more than I paid. I ended up trying it out on my old RedMax. It's a great buy @ 13$ ! Actually it's made in USA and turned out to be alot cheaper than a import oem replacement. Runs .105 line wonderfully.
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Got any pics of it.. Don't think I've seen one.
I can't figure out how to post pics on here. I don't think it's possible from a phone. Send me your email address and I'll send you pics of my stuff
How about posting a link to one on Amazon?
here it is sorry it took so long. it started out a good trimmer head , then last week it flew apart 1/2 way thru my hillside and i never could find the spring. i pitched what was left and ordered a speed feed 450. cant wait to try it !!


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