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Hello All,
I am new to this site and appoligize in advance for not knowing the right terms used in the industry.

I have a food truck and I have a generator in there. So where ever I go I run the generator but a few places we have been have the 240v connection which other food trucker use. They plug in to their truck and they don't have to run the generator (I believe it is called shore power) I am trying to do the same thing as well. The generator I run is 7000 watts and 8750 surge watts

I have bought a 50 amp Inlet box from northern tools (Reliance Raintight Power Inlet Box — 50 Amp) I was doing some research and found out that I do need a transfer switch. My question is on my truck I have a circuit breaker which is currently on generator mode but its also has a external source listed. I don't pull the lever down as my current 50 amp inlet box outside is not working. Basically i just have to pull the lever down for external source. Where I am confused is do I still need a transfer switch. They are very expensive about 400 dollars for 50 amp 10 circuit (Reliance Loadside Generator Transfer Switch — 50 Amp, 10 Circuit) So I want to be sure before I buy it.

Thank you
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